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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What a morning!!!!

Oh my goodness, I've just stopped shaking...what an ordeal at the Costco parking lot.

Lucy's at MMO, so it's just Jack and me. I put Jack in his carseat, buckle him in, go to the trunk to start loading groceries in. Jack has the keys, as they're keeping him quite happy as he gnaws on the keychain. (You can probably see where this is going...)

Last of the groceries is loaded in, I shut the trunk, on my way to Jack to open his door (I would normally leave it open while I load groceries, but it's FREEZING, so I had shut it. Slam the trunk door, and IMMEDIATELY, I hear all the locks in the car close down.


I run to Jack's door/window and peer in to find him hitting the "lock" key on the keyless entry thing on my keychain. He's quite delighted in himself, enjoying hearing the honking sound that comes from the car every time he hits lock.

I'm shouting, "Move your finger, push the other button! Push the other button, Jack!" He thinks this is hilarious -- his wacky, freezing cold mother standing outside his door, begging him to hit the "unlock."

But of course, he hits "lock" over and over, no fewer than 22 times. People in the parking lot are looking at me; do they think I'm making the car honk repeatedly?!?

I fight panic, tell myself that surely in just a second, he'll move his chubby little finger two centimeters to the left and he'll hit "unlock." I have my hand poised on my door, ready to open it the second he does this.

I'm waiting, waiting, waiting. Jack decides he wants to chew on the key...

I'm praying, don't drop the keys!

He chews happily on the key for about three minutes, meanwhile I'm freezing outside, tears beginning to well up in my eyes, as I am loosing hope this will end well.

I start shouting again to Jack, who looks up at me with big smiles, and starts shaking the keys. He thinks I'm trying to get him to wave at me...So he starts waving emphatically with his hand that's holding the keys...

"NO, NO, NO" I think...and sure enough the keys eventually fling free of his hands and land on the floor board.


Okay, who's at home that can go to my house and get my spare keys???? I get out my phone and think...Tiffany's in town already, and I can't reach either of my two stay at home mom neighbors. Call Jason at work. Of course I can't reach him...I call the lab where they tell me they don't expect him to be back till the afternoon. This is when the tears start.

I think to call the Honda dealership, which is just about two miles away, but can't use my phone- it's decided to freeze completely and won't allow me to do anything with it! REALLY!?!

So, I have to drag my sorry, sobbing self into Costco and sputter out my request for them to find the Honda dealership number and can I use their phone to call them? I'm hoping they have some kind of universal key that opens all hondas...this is my hope!

I thoroughly scare the Honda service man as I explain my situation, and he starts cooing to me, "Everything will be all right, m'am." There's no universal key, but he tells me they can look up my VIN # in their records and make a new key for me. They'll bring it to me...give them 10-15 minutes. I say thank you through my sniffles and return to the parking lot where a nice costco man has gone to stand and entertain my son through the window. Jack's happy as a lard, sucking his thumb.

A nice mom saw me crying in the parking lot and offered to keep me company. Said she's been locked out of her house and car by her children before. Could she get me anything to drink she asked..."A shot of hard liquor will do" I said. :-)

Honda rescued me in about 10 minutes, and all was well. Oh my goodness! I was still rattled most of the way home. And I kid you not, do you know what happened on the way home...I passed a cop going down governors; guess I was speeding, because he flipped on his lights, yet DIDN'T pull me over. How many times am I going to escape punishment!?!

But, some good things have happened today, too. We booked our Spring Break trip lodging in Memphis. Found a great house on VRBO that we'll be staying in. We're going to see Dora and Diego at the Children's Museum there on Saturday, March 13th. Lucky timing! We're going to the zoo, eating some yummy BBQ, we'll definitely have to check out the ducks walking down the lobby at the Peabody, and we're also going to check out the new attraction at the Botanical Gardens there, My Big Backyard.

Can't wait to kick back and relax with my sweet family!

Speaking of, check out some new super cute pics of Lucy with her George Bear!

today is Pajama Day at school; Lucy was super excited to wear her "Ariel princess pj's" to school!


  1. don't forget to take the spare keys with you to memphis...these are the stories that make you smile when they are all grown and gone...BTW..next time ...give him food to eat..not keys...that'll make him even happier! mom

  2. You forgot to add that after all that, Toby escaped when you got home. Sheesh! :) Glad everything is back to normal now!

  3. That is the WORST feeling! Jason and I have eached locked Parker in the car before (once we had to call the fire dept!) It is terrible! You deserve a nice glass of something. Did you at least get a churro at Costco??


  4. OMG Kelly! You are a good writer though as I could totally picture everything happening! Make sure you call me too to help in any way! I could have also come over with a bottle of wine! I am glad everyone got home safe and sound minus any speeding tickets too!

  5. I am amazed you held back the tears so long! I would be blubbering for sure! You were quite level headed about the whole thing. :-) When my little sister was about two she took my mom's keys to play with the trunk lock and got it open. Of course she crawled inside and pulled the lid down shut with the keys inside. Kids!! Not always good for your blood pressure. :-) So how was the vacation last weekend? Hope you guys had a great time!