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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Great blog post

I found this from a friend's FB page.  It's hilarious and right.on.the.money!

So, whether you are an experienced pro or in the throes of "new parent hell," I think you'll enjoy this!


Happy Reading!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Time at the Lake

We began our Memorial Day holiday weekend heading to Atlanta to visit my family.  The kids were uber excited to go to "Papa's Lake House" on Lake Lanier (about 30 minutes away; a nice easy hop, skip, and a jump away from their house in Alpharetta.  The weather was hot and perfect for being at the lake.  So thankful for our freedom and the brave women and men who fought for America!

The pictures tell it best:

This was Connor EVERY time we took a boat ride :)

Love the water!

shooting at Uncle Brendan!  I mean, can it get any more fun for kids!

Jack was all about the BOAT!

You'd have hardly known this girl had an ear infection...

 If I could capture the happiness of this kid...

"Yeah, this guy..."

All Jack wanted to do was "drive the boat!!!"

Lucy was happy riding at the front

We swam, and swam, and then swam some more in the lake!

Lady (my mom) and Aunk K (my mom's sister)

Heading out on a sunset cruise - Papa's favorite time of day!

My brothers- Ryan, next to me (23) and Brendan (26)

Grab the minnows...

whoops, this one's dead :(

A few of my personal fav pics:

Little heads just stickin' out of the water...

Jack waving to another boat.  

Thanks, Papa and Lady, for a wonderful weekend at the Lake!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Delinquent blogger

So, a few weeks ago, my crappy computer crashed, and now I have a new one (now I'm a Mac user because Jason swears I'll cry far less tears over it because far fewer problems ever occur on a Mac.  I haven't fallen head over heels in love like people seem to assume I would, but I do appreciate its easier user interface.   

What's new:  well, the big news is that Arch Patent won a $25,000 grant from Alabama Launchpad.  Their website has been up and running for a while, but now they have a whole lot of money to put towards marketing.  We're really excited to see what happens next!

I've been teaching lots of classes at the gym.  Spin, zumba, interval, and strength.  I love it; not quite as much as I love teaching children, but it's a close second :)  In June, I start teaching at another gym, The Wellness Center in Jones Valley.  My zumba classes will be on Wednesday mornings :).

And I'm happy to see that Blogger has updated it's program, and I'm now able to upload loads (pun intended :) of pics much easier and quicker!  So, here's lots of photos to show you what we've been up to:

Lucy turned five at the end of april!  

 Papa 'n Lady came to town to celebrate

 We're starting a new birthday pattern, one year on with a big party, and the next year something small.  So, this year is Lucy's "small" celebration.  She picked one friend - Audrey of course :) - to go with her to dinner and to an activity of her choice.  

 She chose Rosie's for dinner:

 ate a whole bowl of cheese dip practically on her own,

milk...does a body good.

and we finished the evening at Sweet CeCe's for ice cream!

 The activity Lucy picked for her and Audrey to do together was...a photoshoot!  I'm sure you're not surprised knowing Lucy.  And thanks to Tiffany, the girls were perfectly coordinated and the pictures turned out perfectly adorable.  We just popped over to Target to get some pics taken.

So, what else, we play outside ALL the time!
 finding slugs on her birthday...

Lucy has finished school, and has a very creative "s"  :)

At the end of the year program, Jack's class was doing a "bedtime" songs theme:

and Lucy's class:
 check out the girl's choice of shoes that day...it wasn't raining :)

the kids found jason's tools and for one whole day, all they did was "fix" jack's hummer.  so cute!

Connor has developed a personality all his own.  He is fierce and impatient.  Woe to anyone who gets in his way, because he'll immediately go "all pterodactyl" on you.  I'm referring to the shrill sound he makes as he screams at you the minute you do something not to his liking.  It sounds just like the dinosaur sound.  It's quite something...

But he's still super cute and wholly pleasant unless you're pestering him :)

Grandpa and Baba came to visit mid May:

 Connor sits along the flower beds all the time and just watches things...

And our pool is open - yea!  Kids LOVE it!

They will run and jump from the side for hours!

And, when we anticipate rain, we just go outside and wait for it :)

With Gavin and Cameron across the street:

You're mostly caught up!  Promise to blog more :)