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Thursday, March 11, 2010

New Hope Science Lab

I just got back from New Hope, working with Mrs. Trimble's 4th grade class. Today was awesome because when I got there, they were in the new science lab, so I got to see it! Those of you who go to Cove Church may remember the fundraising campaign, "Giving New Hope." We were raising money for the CARE center and this new science lab at New Hope Elementary and Middle School.

I wish I had a camera with me because it was AWESOME! There were incredible wall murals of Einstein and planets hanging from the ceiling. A midnight blue color covered the walls, and specks of white paint splattered around everywhere to make it feel like you were in a galaxy. Interactive stations were set up around the perimeter of the room, and pictures of kids engaged in science experiments were proof on the wall of how much fun all the students have there!

Today, they were learning about electricity and making a tiny "christmas-tree" bulb light up with a batter and wire. Jason would have eaten it up! ;-)

It was awesome to see what generosity can lead to. Cove raised over $100, 000 with that fundraiser. Loving your neighbor as yourself, it's what God calls us to do. And it was so wonderful to see what can happen when you do!

Also, today one of the little girls in the class I work with each week said something to me that was kind of bittersweet. I found her in the lab and said hey, and the first thing she said to me was, "Will you pretend to be my mom today?"

Can you hear my heartbreak...I wasn't sure what to make of her comment. My first thought was that she is in need of some big hugs and love, but maybe I'm making too much out of it...maybe she just likes me and wants to pretend I'm her mom. I'm not sure...

But either way, if you have a free hour a week and want to do something that will help others (and warm your heart along the way), consider being a volunteer tutor at New Hope Elem. or Owens Cross Roads Elem. There are kids there who just need someone to talk to and love on them. And you can help them grow smarter as well!

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