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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

letter to Damson Honda

Those of you who follow my blog may remember when I sent a very forward, direct letter of complaint after I had a terrible visit at Phoenix Emergency Care. Click here if you want to see that post.

Well, I do want to let you know I'm not a person who only lets my voice be heard when someone behaves in an inappropriate way. I really enjoy writing letters condoning a business' high standards which they act upon.

You may remember a week or two ago when Jack locked himself in the car in the Costco parking lot, and how the Honda service department came to save me! Well, I sent them a letter letting them know how much I appreciated their help.

I think it's important to give feedback - no matter what kind it is...a company can only learn if they're meeting the expectations of their clients if they hear from you!

Here is my letter to Jerry Damson Honda:

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mrs. Kelly Martin


Jerry Damson Honda Service Department

2402 Leeman Ferry Road

Huntsville, AL 35805

Dear Honda Service Department,

I want to take an opportunity to express my sincere gratitude for your help in saving me from a very unfortunate situation. On Tuesday, my fifteen-month old managed to lock himself in our Odyssey. I was loading groceries in the Costco parking lot while my son entertained himself with my keys (in hindsight, I should have foreseen the potential hazards! J).

With our spare set of keys locked inside my house, every neighbor I knew unavailable, and my husband unreachable at work, I was quickly running out of options. I thought there might be a chance that the dealership might have some universal key that unlocks all Honda cars.

So, with a shaky voice, choked with small sobs, I called the service department where I spoke to a very nice man who kindly reassured me that everything would be fine, that we’d get my son out of the car. He told me they would make a key for me from the VIN number, which they had since we were stored in their computer from our purchase and service occasions.

In fewer than fifteen minutes, my knights in shining armor – or perhaps I should say in a shiny bright blue courtesy car – came to my rescue in the Costco parking lot. My nerves were shot, and my hands felt frozen cold from the freezing temperature outside, but I was able to join my mischievous toddler in our car. All was well, thanks to the very nice men –whom I don’t even know their names because I was hardly thinking clearly – who saved my day!

Again, thank you so much for coming to my rescue, and so very quickly! I know your dealership prides itself on providing excellent service. Not only does it excel at that, but it’s obvious to me that you hold yourselves to an even higher standard. I was treated like a “family member,” and I am so appreciative of that.


Kelly Martin


  1. That's very impressive they got to you so quickly. And good for you for writing a letter to show your appreciation!

  2. Great letter!! I have been looking for an address for some time now to send a letter of gratitude as well. I too think it is important to give companies pats on the backs when well deserved. Just like the news... only the bad stuff is reported.

    (and... you have a beautiful family)