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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

too good to wait for monday meals!

Yesterday was an AWESOME day for me at my weight watchers meeting! I lost 3.2 lbs this week, which brought me past my 5% goal in just four weeks! The weight is coming off faster than I anticipated, but I'm learning I'm doing better than I anticipated. :-) I have a little more fight in me than I though...

Anyhow, a lady mentioned the website Hungry Girl, and I just checked it out. There are some recipes for healthy fries that literally have me salivating. :-) They look to yummy to wait to post until Monday Meals, so I'm posting the recipes now.

Several of my friends are doing WW now, and one is starting just this week, so maybe these are well-timed - shouldn't be too frustrating of a week, J, if you're allowed to eat fries!

I can't wait to try out THESE recipes! Fries are my true weakness...

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  1. Way to go Kelly!!!!! Can't wait to try those fries