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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Vroom, Vroom...

Connor's "new thing" is pretty darn cute, and - not that we needed any proof from our experience with having boys - but some things are truly just in boys' DNA. Like the love of cars. And specifically, how a little boy will lie down, cheek flat against the ground, make vroom, vroom noises, and push a tiny car around for hours!

Well, Connor just began doing that this week. And the vroom, vroom noises? Oh, this kid's ON IT! (Note to self: must get video of this :)

Tonight, as we were hanging out before bedtime, Connor was driving this car all over Jason. Insert your own vroom vroom sound effects :)

"Going up Daddy's leg..."

"Now, over his side..."

"Wait...is that Jack coming to steal my car?!"

"Resuming driving..."

And how perfect he was in his "race car" pajamas! Sometimes everything just falls into place. And after the hell that was my day yesterday, I am grateful for a great day today. Praise God! :)

Lucy's riding a two-wheeler!

So, this came about quite unexpectedly. Lucy loves riding her bike (thanks, Baba!) and one of her training wheels was bent. (I think it's because I ran over it. Seriously, I can't remember doing it, but it was REALLY bent at an awkward angle, and I can only assume I ran it over in one of my mad dashes in or out of the garage.)

Anyhow, instead of fixing it, Jason just suggested that Lucy go ahead and learn to ride without training wheels. And you know what, in about 20 minutes she had it down. Jason would have to "start" her, but she could pedal and keep it going and stop on her own.

Being able to "start" on her own came the next day, but after I was tired of Lucy yelling at me halfway down the street to come where she was and help her start, I told her she was ready to start on her own and that I wouldn't help her anymore. So, after tossing her bike down, squatting down next to it and having a good wail in frustration that I wouldn't help her, she decided she'd do it on her own. (Yes! Victory; as I learn things daily as a parent, I really do see the value and wisdom in how, often times, it's best to just push the baby bird out of the nest and let them figure out how to fly. :) I'll say, it's not hard for me to do that - in fact, sometimes, I'm probably too quick to toss my "baby birds" out - but regardless, that method really works. And now, she's so eager to ride her bike every day. And proud of herself. And she should be! Way to go baby girl!

Enjoying the season!

We're playing outside as often as we can, and after a late afternoon rain, we headed outside for the rest of tonight:

Cute decor at my friend Misty's house:

This face, this face :)

Melt your heart, huh? My sweet (even though he takes a crap in the neighbor's front yard sometimes :), sweet Jack:

and the baby of our crew: (I can't tell what's whiter - his socks or his hair!)

If Connor has a ball and can play in the street, he's the happiest kid!

Who needs a beach?

And a little hockey player:
I just like the angle of this one where he's throwing the ball. :)