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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hello Spring!

It's a BEAUTIFUL day here in Huntsville today! 70's, full sun, just perfect! HELLO SPRING! Please stay around for a while! ;-)

After storytime, we headed over to the park for a picnic with friends. Here are some snapshots from our lovely afternoon!

Jack found a friend. Currently, he is obsessed with "abc/word board books," and the pictures of the dogs always get him most excited. He's super into dogs right now :-) Dogs and trucks, as you'll see in a few more pictures :-)

"Head Hug!" This is how Jack 'loves' on someone or somthing...he began using this move on baby claire, but apparently it's not exclusively for humans ;-)

and the puppy gave him so love back ;-)

lucy and audrey

For at least five minutes, Jack sat by himself. Perhaps he was seeking some "alone time," or more likely, he was trying to get a few minutes peace from big sister. ;-)

and then he noticed the cars and trucks! He walked clear to the other side of the park and parked himself at the fence...

waving to the cars as they drove by...

some even got a "two-handed-wave!"

here's a close up so you can see his sweet lil' hands waving...

Bye bye trucks!

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