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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Kids Kloset Finds

Found everything I needed to at Kids Kloset - yea!

I consigned a few items so I could shop early (before it opens to the public tomorrow).

Other than the annoying women who swiped ENTIRE sizes off the racks only to take them into a corner and take their time going through them, deciding which clothes they actually want, I had a great time!

I needed to find shoes for the spring/summer season for the kids, and some of our board books have seen better days, so I wanted to find some new "word" board books. I needed sippy cups and silverware, of which I found both. I needed swimsuits for both kids too. Found everything and of course a few things I didn't need. Oh yeah, and I bought a few "princess" themed things for lucy's birthday presents. She is totally into her "princess theme" party. She's even instructed my dad, "Papa," that he HAS to wear a princess dress. When he retorted boys don't wear princess dresses, she insisted. LOL! We'll see how he comes dressed to the party. But for Lucy, he'd wear whatever she wanted him to... :-)

my favorite thing I bought...Lucy's dress that she'll wear (among other reasons) for our "beach pictures" this summer. (Can you see the detail stiching of the seashells?!?)

Jack's coordinating outfit, bright and laid-back, just like him! ;-)

Lucy's pile: love the bikini!!!!

Jack's pile. Love the swimsuit and swim top!

some new board books, the googly eyes move! :-) and the board book in the bottom left is his very favorite book right now. We have it in large paperback, but the pages are flimsy, and so his favorite thing to do-flip through a book's pages-is difficult in that version. I saw the board book and scooped it up for him! He'll love it! The book is called, The Little Mouse, the Red Ripe Strawberry, and the Big Hungry Bear. Adorable book! Super illustrations!

one of lucy's bday presents...a princess hamper

shoe lot...back row are for jack: pool shoes on left, stride rite shoes on right (for $3!!!)

bottom row are lucy's shoes: green crocs, adorable orange shoes (my splurge at $12), and white sandals for. Every pair of shoes, save the orange polka dots pair, were only $3 each!!!!!!


  1. Kelly, I was there last night, too!!! I got a free pass for the 5 p.m. from a friend. I had some good luck, as there are always a TON of things in the "younger" baby section. I'm still new at learning what I really need, so I struggled a bit. I wanted shoes, but found none. Sad! I'll post a few of my buys, too later today! Your stuff is cute!!!

  2. Let me help you to feel better about the orange and white shoes. First of all, they look brand new. Second, I get that brand for K a lot because they go with everything and always look so cute. They are super expensive at Itty Bitty. I think they are like 42 or 48. So 12 is a steal! We have them in pink and white and I liked them so much that I have them in her last size and her current size! Only shoe I have ever done that with (minus crocks).