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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Harbor Town...what a neat little community

The house we're renting while here in Memphis is in the community called Harbor Town. It's located waterfront on the Mississippi River, and it's just as adorable as can be! If you live in Huntsville, I liken it to Providence, or if you're familiar with Seaside, FL, it's just like that but less "fruity" in color scheme; more of a New Orleans feel to it. Anyway, it's awesome, and we've enjoyed taking the kids on walks in the afternoon up and down the peaceful streets.

It has its own grocery store and sandwich shop, "Miss Cordelia's" and several restaurants and shops. It even has its own Montessori School and several kiddie parks within the community.

It's also neat because, while most of the homes are traditional, you can find a few houses with a very modern flair. A few houses are for sale...we looked on the flyers and it seems homes sell around the high 200's and up from there depending on size. We saw one house for rent; it was $2200 a month (geez!) you could own a home for much less!

Anyhow, I started this game on our walk yesterday where we picked houses that we'd live in and then we picked houses for our family and friends. Jason was less cooperative about the game, so if you're not mentioned here, it's because he didn't want to find a house for you! ;-)


Street view; you can see the tall building(s) in the background of downtown...

My house: I LOVE the bright color! :-)

Dad - I couldn't decide between this one, which had a very nautical feel (like something you'd see in Kennybunkport) And Tony, if you're reading this, make sure you're pronouncing "Kennybunkport" correctly and with correct emphasis on certain syllables! LOL!

Or this one: which had a more "lodgy" feel...

What's your pick? :-)

My mom's house:

Barbara's house: selected because it had a "beach" feel to it we thought...

"Seaside house"

"Modern house"

Tiffany's house:

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  1. Oooh, I love my house. Definitely my style and looks quaint and cozy! Those houses are amazing!