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Saturday, March 13, 2010


We're so loving our time here in Memphis! It's been an awesome trip so far! After we found our way back from Russia, we found Memphis ;-)

We arrived in town Friday afternoon around lunchtime, and made our first stop at the zoo. I had heard it's a wonderful zoo, and it definitely lived up to its hype! We saw panda bears, wolves, bears, polar bears, and a cool exhibit of nocturnal animals. The kids enjoyed seeing the feeding of the elephants and polar bears. Here are some pics from our zoo visit:

Jack and Lucy mostly just loved running free!

Check out Lucy trying to make her way over the fence into the elephant's area! :-)

Today has been hilarious: We headed to the Children's Museum of Memphis (which is an incredible children's museum by the way!), for Dora and Diego were making an appearance today! Let me just tell you how glad we were that we arrived BEFORE they made their appearance. We waited just a few minutes to get into the museum, and by the time we left, the line outside - just to get INTO the museum - was wrapped around the building!!!!

We did have to wait about 15-20 minutes, however, to get our picture taken with Dora. So, we're in line with about a thousand other families and eager little kiddos to meet Dora. Jason's waiting on the lower level to film and snap pictures of this blessed event, and I'm up on stage with Jack and Lucy. We FINALLY make it to the front of the line, and Lucy refuses to go near Dora! So, I take Jack and plop him on the lap of a mute Dora, and run back over to grab Lucy's hand. I reach for Lucy's hand, then hear a small "thud." I turn around and see Jack face down on the floor. Yep, Dora dropped my son! LOL! He's crying on the floor and Lucy's trying to hide. I scoop Jack up, and tell Lucy to walk with me off the stage. And that was our experience "meeting Dora." After that, we didn't even try to go see Diego... LOL!

Here's Jack's fall...

Playing on the shadow wall

In the "home" area, Jack found this stuffed dog and doghouse and all he wanted to do was try to give the dog to people walking by.


On the way home, we stopped to eat lunch at the Neeley's BBQ joint. I love Pat and Gina's show on Food Network, so we had to stop by! I totally used up all my Weight Watchers extra weekly points in one sitting I'm sure, but it was so worth it! DELICIOUS! Smoky and tender, and their BBQ Spaghetti was awesome!

Memphis is a pretty neat place. The house we're staying in is riverfront on the Mississippi River, and I had a great run this morning on the greenway that runs next to the massive river. We're excited to see what else we can get into (or fall off of...) next!


  1. How do you have 0 comments on this post? Matt and I are just rolling at the picture of poor Jack and Dora! Poor baby.

    BBQ Spaghetti sounds delish!