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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lucky Me...

Let me just tell you how much God has been looking out for me lately...Today was the third "encounter" in a brief period of time I've had with a police officer who passed me as I was clearly speeding (I honestly don't mean to speed, but I promise you there's never a time I'm in the car that I'm not HURRYING to get wherever I'm going), yet didn't pull me over.

Recently, this has happened twice while I was driving over the mountain on Cecil Ashburn. And twice the cop flashed his lights at me, but didn't pull me over. And one of those times, I got a very angry finger pointed right at me as we passed...GULP!

And today, while I was heading up the mountain, via Governors, I passed another police officer who didn't pull me over, yet clearly made a point for me to slow down.

Check out what this guy did...he's coming south on governors as I'm heading north and he sees me long before we actually pass each other. He starts slowing down immediately (I'm fully expecting this is because he plans to do a u-turn as soon as I pass him so he can pull me over), but by the time I reach him, he has completely stopped in the middle of the road, and he's just staring at me. He never turns around to get behind me, just watches me drive by. Very strange. Eventually he starts driving again.

I'm not sure why God is sparing me from all of these speeding tickets I've clearly deserved. But my record remains clean...

Anyone else lucky as me? Or conversely, anyone have the misfortune for getting pulled over every time you speed? :-)

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