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Friday, March 19, 2010

Bubble Dress

In preparation for the new rag quilt I'm going to begin making, I was sorting through my miscellaneous and leftover fabrics I've accumulated over several sewing projects. I found a favorite fabric (a fabric that brings me such nostalgia, for I used it to make pillows in my first classroom :-), and decided to use this tutorial to make Lucy a fun dress.

Fun project, and a great way to make use of old white onesies that may have stains around the crotch area (you cut that off anyway!!! :-) and extra fabric you may have.

I'd say this took me about three hours total to make (I started yesterday), and it was great practice to practice "gathering" and sewing with elastic.

I consider this project a huge success for several reason:

1. Lucy helped me pick out the ruffle print, and she's SUPER excited to get to wear this. She was responsible for bringing the swatch to the store so we could choose a ruffle fabric to coordinate.

2. I did not cry once during this project. :-) (Sewing usually brings me frustration, which brings on the tears...) Actually, I haven't cried during the last several sewing projects I've attempted.

3. I finished it despite the fact that halfway through yesterday, I was convinced I'd scrap the whole project and toss it in the trash. (The ruffle and gathering it properly were causing me major headaches!) It's true the ruffle doesn't look great up close, but from far away the whole dress is completely adorable!

4. I achieved the "bubble" effect I wanted...to mimic the bubbles in the fabric just for fun! ;-)

Can't wait to see my baby girl wear it!


  1. very cute! can't wait to see Lucy in it!

  2. Great job! Maybe I should just call you Crafty Kelly! :-) Lucy will look adorable in it I'm sure1