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Saturday, March 17, 2012

What we've been up to:

We've been enjoying such a beautiful spring! Praise God for beautiful weather, beautiful blooming trees and plants everywhere, and most of all, praises for kids being able to run and play OUTSIDE! :)

Connor's only goal - EVERY time we are outside - is to push his walker around IN the street!
Little man is on a mission, and his frustration is so adorable to see. :)

Me: "No, Connor..."
Connor: "audible grunt and squinty stare" right back at me :)

Is she watching?

Yes, baby, always :)

The safety man in this one makes it even funnier to me... (We had to impress upon Jack and Lucy for a long time that the safety man in the street didn't make it safe to actually play ON the street :)

Our neighbors' adorable kids have the best scooters ever!

And today was Covefest at Lucy's new elementary school she'll be attending this Fall. What a great event put on by our community. Lucy enjoyed a school tour, where she was able to go inside classrooms (Gavin's!) and see the school. This was a big deal; there were moonbounces, food vendors, a band, fire trucks, the whole community came out for it. Very cool!

"Wow! This is a lot to take in..."

Connor came along too and went straight toward the computer!

There was face painting:

and the kids loved the playground.

House Projects

I have lots of cute pics coming of things we've been doing as a family, but here are some recent "pinterest" inspired projects I did:

This is on our kitchen wall. The idea came from the fact that I had two large picture frames from which the glass had broken. So, I needed to do something that didn't need a glass covering. I also wanted to challenge myself to keep the project under $20 and use materials I had around the house. The only new items were the "take it or leave it" kitchen rules plaque at the top and the polka dotted fabric I used as a background.

Perhaps the most creative thing here was the use of the two "mixing whisks" and broken handled wooden spoon. They had been sitting in the kitchen drawer for ages. (Very odd since we didn't have a kitchen mixer that the whisks fit :) Until now...thanks, Mom, for the new hand mixer :)

And in the hall bathroom, I used fabric and burlap that we already had to make a personalized wreath (already had the wreath as well.)

I made the "M" out of cardboard, wrapped it in packing material and then covered it with the red polka-dotted fabric.

It's the perfect "rustic" accent to the tree mural I made.

So, I saw this tree with the family of birds sold as a decal on Pinterest. I decided I could make a much larger one on my own and give myself a fun project to work on. I've never fancied myself a painter or artist of any kind (crafty, yes, but painter? no), and I figured if I royally screwed it up, it'd be simple enough to paint over :) But I quite like how it turned out. The kids were super excited to help me paint the tree (they did the trunk) and it was fun creating ourselves as little birdies perched on the branch.

I'm the skinnier big bird :)

Love do-it-yourself cheap projects!