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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring Art Project for the kiddos!

I can NOT wait for Spring! This winter has seemed particularly wet and cloudy...I'm ready for the sun and mild temperatures!

Lucy and I finished her Highlights magazine yesterday at breakfast, and there was the cutest little art project idea on the last page. You make these fun "spring flowers," and all you need are paper plates, scissors, tape, and wrapping paper.

Lucy's flowers! My favorite "ribbon" was lucy's choice to use Spiderman! :-)

Lucy LOVED using the tape, and it was a simple project she could do mostly on her own :-) Ellie and Evan came over to make the flowers with us.

And speaking of Highlights magazine, I love them! We read them together at breakfast time while we eat our english muffins. It's a fantastic way to work reading into the day, the stories are super short, so you don't need a lot of time to read some of the magazine, and my favorite part is watching Lucy have so much fun on the "I Spy" page trying to find the hidden objects. She loves drawing a circle around the object in the picture (which, consequently, is good practice for her fine-motor skills.)

And I get double-duty out of them, for I use them sometimes with the kindergartner and first-grader I tutor. Bonus! :-)

For Lucy's age, we subscribe to "High Five."

Happy Spring!

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  1. Those "flowers" are adorable! I think I might look into subscribing to this for Audrey... she would LOVE the I Spy page for sure!