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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Diaper Cake for Elaine!

Molly, Nicole, and I threw a "Fill Elaine's Freezer" baby shower this past Sunday. Elaine is having her third child - and her THIRD boy! - so more than cute clothes or baby gear, she needed something to save her TIME! So, everyone brought a prepared dinner for her to keep in her freezer. There were so many yummy foods brought!

I had been wanting to try my hand at making a diaper cake, so I was excited to make the centerpiece for the shower. I followed this tutorial, and Voila!, here was our end result.

I say "our" because I had help from all of my family members: Jason cut the cardboard for the cake to stand on, helped roll diapers, and was my extra pair of hands; and Jack and Lucy "helped" me take the diapers out of the box so I could roll them up. Diapers were strewn across our den, but they had a blast ;-)

Overall, it was a very simple project, and considering that I've seen these things listed for as much as $130 (yikes!), I'd say it's well worth your own efforts. I spent 2/3 of that price and loved how it turned out!

Can't wait to meet the newest addition to your family, Elaine!

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  1. Such a fabulous "cake" that will be put to good use! Thanks again for the fantastic shower!