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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Boxes, boxes, boxes

Boxes...that has been the story for us the past several weeks. First we were packing things into them; now, we unpacking those things into our new home! We are ever so grateful, and having such a great time getting everything in place. The best part is that we now have places to put all our stuff! Jason has an entire garage space to house all his brewing equipment - and the best part is that it's separated by a wall and door from my two-car garage side. I'm thrilled to have my very own designated "tutoring room" and craft room. The kids have a separate bedroom for their playroom, and Jason has had a great time buying a new tv for the media room. It's huge, and while I'm not a huge fan of larger than life televisions, I do have to say it's pretty great.

And like I was saying, we're finally here, but it would not have been nearly as smooth a process as it was without the help of so many of our friends and family. And for that, here's a "message on a box" just for you!

Thank you to:

*Julie and Jed for housing many of our household things that we stored in their detached garage while we had our house on the market. To achieve the "uncluttered" look that is desirable when trying to sell one's home, we shuttled about 25% of our house into their garage. Sweet friends that they are, they kindly put up with all our junk for about four months. (Your yard looks great; hope you enjoyed the break from "lawn duty" :)

*Friends that came over to help me pack: Susie, Jodi, Michelle, and Molly. Everything made it in one piece. Y'all are FANTASTIC friends! I know packing is no fun, but it was a huge help! And your company is priceless!

*Friends who watched my kids so I could pack: Elaine, Lisa, Corley, and Donna. Oh, how beautiful was the peace and quiet, and because I could focus, I was able to get so much done!

*Tiffany and Matt: Toby loved playing in your backyard during showings of our house. And we'll never forget the "rodent dugout" near the fence. Jack still announces from time to time that "Dogs eat mice." :)

*My mom: Moving day would have been absolutely miserable if we hadn't had you here to watch the kids. I surely would have lost at least one child. Thanks for keeping their routine in place. And for all that you did to help us get unpacked. The kitchen is a dream, and you did an amazing job getting it ready to use in record time! You eye for design is great to have too! When your house sells, we're there to help you pack (and take whatever furniture you don't want off your hands :)

*Jason's parents, Barb and Jim: you win best in-laws ever award. Thank you for giving your time over the weekend to come and take care of the kids and do some grunt work in the garage! Count us in when it's time to pack up your house for the big St. Louis move! We'll be there!

*Amy and Julian: thanks for the boxes! You saved us a ton of money since we didn't have to buy any! They're going on to another good home, the Carney's!

*Josh, John, Eric, and Tony: Lucy and Jack are so glad to have a new swingset to play on. And retrieving it from way out in Monrovia is way above and beyond being a good friend!

*Moving Day help, Brad: It took the movers nearly thirteen hours to move us one street away; however, it would have taken even longer had you not given up about four hours of his afternoon to help as well!

*The wives of all the guys that helped: I know that when the husbands are away, it's a longer day for you. Thanks for sharing your strapping, strong men! :)

*Elaine: thanks for loaning us your new house for nap time; how conveniently did that work out?!? Can not wait until you live across the street! Can you say CARPOOL!?!

*Allison: for steering us in the right direction, leading us to this house. Here's to another "closing celebration!"

As you can see, we're ever so fortunate to have such amazing friends and family who gave generously with their time and energy to help us. Put us at the top of your list to call whenever you need a favor. We'd love to help!

I'll post pics of the house soon!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Things that never get old...

Changing it up a bit. A list for today:

Things that never get old: (In no particular order)

1. sleeping in
2. going out for a fancy dinner
3. chatting with girlfriends
4. The Bachelor (apparently, as I continue to watch this ridiculous show even though I think it's absolutely absurd. :)
5. kissing your spouse
6. your kids running full throttle every day when you pick them up at school
7. baby smiles
8. going to the movies
9. a good cup of coffee

and my favorite

10. the miracle of a baby being brought into the world.
And to Eva, beautiful girl, welcome to the world! You are joining a spectacular family!

Congratulations, Matt and Tiffany!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our 'thyme' at Rosemary Beach

What a beautiful beach community; we're having a wonderful time! Enjoying a break before the crazy closing, moving, and house switching process begins next week.

Taken before we headed to a restaurant called Stinky's. It was so delicious!

lots of fun down time! these photos were taken on the sleeping porch. it had this hanging bed on it, and I fell in love with the linens!

This place is great for kids and has lots of scheduled family-friendly events. Last night, they had their annual Summer Block Party with a dj, moon bounces, and as you can see hoola hooping. Lucy was deep in study of a fellow playmate...

Enjoying some popcorn!

The kids favorite part of this trip is the pool!!!! They live in it! :)

And we've made special time to nap!

And cuddle :)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Welcome Thomas David!

This one is for Choo-Choo and his Caboose:

"Welcome to the world
It's going to be quite a show.
First, there's something important
I want you to always know:
You are my shining moon; you are my glistening sun.
You are my inner peace; you are my abundant fun.
You are my roaming land; you are my wavy sea,
You are, and always will be, everything to me."

-Crystal Dawn Perry

and for when you get home:

"My first night at home
was really just fine.
I woke up Mommy and Daddy
only twenty-nine times."

-Carl Joseph Vonnoh

Enjoy your sweet new life, Dave and Cindy; we're so thrilled for you!

Friday, July 1, 2011

Little Lu

Love my baby girl, Lucy. Four is such a fantastic age! She is a wonderful help with Connor (98% of the time), picks out her own clothes and gets dressed by herself, and plays the role of big sister perfectly! (sometimes with a little too much gusto - she's bossy...just like I was; oh dear! :)

Just recently, she has begun giving up some of her naps. She still naps a few days a week, but she's certainly giving them up. But, I'm not going to complain...we had a REALLY good run with the three plus hour naps a day...well into 4 years old - I'll take it :)

So, while the little boys of the house were sleeping a few days ago, we had a little fun with the camera.

Her favorite...candy! Here a Tootsie Pop!

Little one has a fun personality and lots of spunk! For sure...