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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jack's Black Eye

I tell 'ya, this little guy is as clumsy as they come. Ironically, he's been walking since nine and a half months old - you'd think he'd have it down.

But yesterday, at the outdoor eating area of Chick-fil-A (or as Lucy calls it, "chick-a-way"), Jack stumbled eye first into the concrete bench. Fortunately, Daddy was joining us for lunch that day, and he was already outside with Jack to comfort our little guy.

His eye looks better in the picture than it actually is...if his eye were closed, you would be able to see his whole eyelid, which is completely covered in purplish-black bruises. :-(


  1. awww. sad! My stomach hurt just reading about it. I can handle ouchies anywhere but on the eyes. They give me the shivers!