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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I am so in love with my children!!!!

That's all I can think about when I look at these pictures! How blessed, how blessed, how blessed am I! God is so good! But, I'll stop gushing now ;-)

Inspired by this blog post (I LOVE this blog, btw), I decided to snap some "real" shots, nothing posed, no one directed, just capturing real life as it happens. And yesterday, I was perfectly inspired when Jack woke up from his nap. His hair was as disheveled as I've ever seen it, and he was drunk from a hard sleep! I plopped him on the guest bed, and started snapping away.

Like, I mentioned before, none of these pictures are posed. I just sat on the floor with the camera, waiting for moments to capture. And I got so many! I just LOVE these pictures!

"So sleepy..."

The hair!!!!

Starting to perk up and smile! There's my Jack!

Oh yeah!

If there were audio, you'd here his new laugh, which is like a wheezing old man about to die! It's hilarious!

It wasn't long before Lucy came in to see what was going on.

Now, you may look at these and think, "Not posed - my tush!" but remember, this is Lucy...she loves to ham it up! ;-)

A "sarah chin" if I've ever seen one!

This is great because her "princess dress" is being worn over her shirt. Every day when she wakes up from nap, she wants to put her dress back on, and we usually just throw it over whatever she's wearing. No fuss! ;-) She's so happy in her dress. She literally twirls herself all over the house!

This one right here is my very FAVORITE of the whole bunch! Lucy's face is priceless - "I'm going to pretend I"m bored with this, even though I'm eating it up!" - and I love Jack yawning in the background. I could eat 'em up!!!

Yep, Lucy still sucks her thumb on occasion! ;-)


  1. These are great pics! Good job w/ the camera and getting some fun ones!!! I love doing that!! They are cuties, that's for sure. I can see K one day as she poses in her tutu's and princess gowns!!

  2. Kelly, these are great!!! And, you really do have some adorable kids :).