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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Rag Quilt, for myself finally! ;-)

I LOVE making rag quilts! The first time I ever made one was when I took the "Rail Fence Rag Quit" class at Creative Sewing in south Huntsville. The class took place at a perfect time for me - one month prior to Lucy's 1st birthday - so, voila! I had a birthday project in mind.

The quilt turned out beautifully, and I loved working with the soft, colorful flannel materials. It's a time consuming project, but not difficult. Although she didn't get much use out of it at one year old, now she's at a great age for using it to snuggle up and watch tv with, and it looks great folded at the foot of her bed.

This one is funny because Lucy and Jack were in the middle of quite an argument here: Lucy was mad because Jack was touching the quilt and she was trying to cover her babies, and Jack was mad that Lucy was screaming at him. So he kept hitting the quilt, which aggravated her even more! LOL! I love the scowls on their faces!

The second time I ever made a rag quilt, I made one for a college friend as a wedding gift. I loved the quilt so much when it was completed, I knew I'd have to eventually make one for myself. Unfortunately, that friendship went quite sour not long after her wedding, and I'm somewhat irritated that I spent so much time and energy on that wedding gift, and I have no idea if she even uses it or likes it anymore since things fizzled between us. I wish I could ask for it back! ;-)

(And if you're wondering what happened, it wasn't any big conflict or fight - nothing like that - I just brought something to attention that I felt was going on, and she didn't like it, and she made it clear she wanted the friendship to end. So it did. And it was definitely for the best!)

But, the point was that I really wanted to make one for my family...a huge, cozy quilt that we can all snuggle under. So, I planned the quilt a few weeks ago, figured out how much material I'll need (LOTS!), and today I took my tutoring money to the store and bought my materials. I looked high and low for affordable flannel fabric, but Sirs selection was dismal, Hancock had a better supply, but they were mostly licensed Disney prints, and online places didn't have enough prints I liked to create 6 color families with two patterns per family.

So, I paid a premium today for my material (the quilt will be the size of a queen comforter when finished. Room for two adults to have plenty, and if I ever wanted to make it a bedspread, it would be an option ;-), and I'm ready to get started! I can't wait.

Here's what the fabric looks like:

These are my color families for red, orange, and blue/striped...

creams, blues, and greens

I think my favorites are the green paisley and the orange fabrics. They feel so soft, I can NOT wait to cuddle up with this blanket! Will keep you posted on the progress!

And for Lucy's third bday, which is right around the corner, I'm taking a "patchwork quilt and graphic tee" class next Wednesday to make her birthday outfit! ;-) Looks very fun!

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