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Saturday, April 10, 2010


The outfit is finished, and as Lucy would say..."Ta-Da!"

The t-shirt part of this project took me about three or so hours total. But, I'm a slow beginner with some of the techniques used. The only thing I would have done differently is I would have made the bias strips that are found on the sides of the t-shirt (to "scrunch" up the sides) longer so there was more "scrunching." But, not a big deal, at least not worth ripping the seams to do it again. ;-)

I'm so happy with the project, and even happier seeing my sweet little girl twirl around in it. I'm SO glad she's a "girly girl!" (I remember telling Jason before we were even engaged that I'd have to have a girl. I didn't care how many kids we'd have to have before we had a girl. Fortunately for us, God gave us a girl the very first time 'round! ;-)

Jason snapped these pictures of Lucy. The sun is out and it's so perfectly bright today, just a beautiful day, but the brightness made for slightly overexposed pictures. Oh well...


Back inside...Jason was telling her different faces to make. Here below, he had said, "Lucy, make a happy face..." So, this scrunched up -priceless look - is apparently her "happy face." LOL!

her "mad" face (I have no idea why this is underlined...)

playing around in photoshop...


This morning, I went to the Hampton Cove community yard sale. And thanks to the kids waking up SUPER early - 6:15ish, yikes! - I was able to get there early. Well, me and two million other people. Oh my gosh! I've never seen such traffic. Craziness!

I really wanted to find side tables for the guest bed, but no such luck. But I did find some super cute clothes for Lucy and Jack (because they are in desperate need of clothes of course ;-), a large blanket we can use for picnicking for $1 (score!), and the best purchase of the day was a $0.25 Disney Princess metal bucket type thing that I'm going to make into a centerpiece for Lucy's "Princess Themed" Party later this month.

And speaking of birthday parties, we're off to Audrey's tonight. It's at KidVenture, and Lucy can not wait to wear her new outfit!


  1. LOVE the outfit Kelly. It is so adorable. Lucy's expressions (happy face, mad face) reminded me of the book "I Love You Through and Through"!

  2. This is a fantastic skirt! Good for you!!! I have a couple of rompers I'm going to be working on this week for our beach trip - want something really fun and beachy!!! And, I'm going to have to check out that shop you speak of...bet there are some great things there!