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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Sew Happy

I'm in the midst of several sewing projects right now. Yesterday, I took a great class at Creative Sewing making this project:

After six hours at sewing class and about three more at home, I finished the skirt tonight. Lucy even got to stay up after bedtime for me to try it on her. And you know Lucy, ever happy to pose for the camera.

Must twirl of course!

Crossing her legs!?! I could have died...

So here's a peek at half of the outfit...I still have the shirt to do, but hopefully that will take far fewer hours...It's very artsy and there's no real rhyme or reason for how to make the "collage" effect on the shirt, so it should go quickly. And score! my husband tracked down a plain white shirt for Lucy (after Target was sold out of white ones in her size), and found one at Walmart for (drumroll...) one whole dollar! The Granimals brand is great! And my husband's even greater for running that little errand for me and coming home with such a find!

And in her royal chariot, it was off to bed she went!


  1. Adorable - love the colors and prints..I am so jealous of all my crafty friends..glad you had a happy ending to a rough day!

  2. I LOVE it Kelly! It is too cute! Lucy looks like she loves it too. Can't wait to see the shirt! Tell Jason I'm way impressed by his mad shopping skills. :)

  3. That is one of the cutest skirts I've ever seen! Very impressive Kelly! I just read your other post - poor Jack! I'm glad he's fine and I'm sure you were exhausted and it was still first thing in the morning.