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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Birthday Party Pics

What a great time at Lucy's third birthday party. We celebrated here at home with a Lucy-selected theme, Princess Party (she was so sure of what she wanted her birthday theme to be ;-)

The kids were invited to dress up as a prince or princess, and they were just so adorable!

Everything went perfectly, and I think everyone had a great time! My little girl is THREE - Wow!

jack taking a break from it all... ;-)

"Put the sticker on the princess" ;-)

Whew, opening all these presents is exhausting! :-)

The best part was when Princess Jasmine surprised all the kids and told them a story and served cake and party favors. Our "Jasmine" was a friend of a girl on our babysitters list, and she was awesome! I figured there was a much less expensive way of doing a surprise visit from a princess rather than using professional services that do it, and we hit jackpot! She earned some quick money, and the kids had a blast with her.

telling the kids how she met her prince...

Gavin pelted her with so many questions..."Do you have kids?" was my favorite!!! ;-)

See ya later!


  1. It was a great party! I think all the kids had a great time and I'm so glad the weather wasn't bad!

  2. Such a fun party!! I still can't get over Gavin with Princess Jasmine - too funny! I'll need to get her number :)!