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Thursday, April 8, 2010

My day in Math Terms

In the interest of making this post a little fun - because my day has been anything but - I'm going to tell you about the events in numbers and loose mathematical terms. I hate math almost as much as I hate having terrible days like this. So, it's fitting...

7:04am - Jason wakes up late, has overslept on a very inconvenient day, no room for error as he's briefing a colornel.

As I'm getting the kids ready for mom's morning out, jack trips on his own feet and takes a terrible fall - the worst fall he's ever had (and he's had a lot)!

one stool +

one clumsy Jack = THIS

(and seriously, this looks WAY better than when it happened. I took this after the doctor's visit when we were home, about 5 hours after the fall. I was too terrified to even think about documenting his bump when it actually happened. But like I said, imagine a large lego, or an Easter Egg works, GROWING OUT OF HIS FOREHEAD IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES!)

He hit his head SMACK head on the edge of this stool. His skin busted, blood is coming out, and I can literally see his head growing what can best be described as a rectangular large lego block. If I wasn't freaking out, I would have taken a ruler to it to determine the depth of this "goose egg." Had to be sticking out of his head at least three quarters of an inch.

I panick. Call the doctor. They say come right in, they'd see him faster than an emergency room would.

I throw them in the car (fortunately we were all dressed for the day) and speed to the doctor's office. I turn on my flashers, as I'm driving about 70 down Airport Road.

"911." What I texted Jason at his meeting.

(Oh, and this is funny - well, not really, but...we're peeling out of the driveway, and Lucy shouts, "Toby!" Yep, my stupid dog is in the neighbor's yard eating something - I don't want to know what. So, I have to slam on my breaks and get Toby in the car and take him back inside. A two or so minute time delay when I was very concerned about time! I thought about leaving him, but we were right near the driveway and I didn't want to worry about how far he'd get being out for over 4 hours)

So, FINALLY, we're back on the road to the doctor's. I should point out Jack has long since stopped crying, and Lucy is reassuring me "Jack's fine!" He's sucking away on his thumb, nodding "yes" in response to my repetitive question, "Are you okay, baby?!?!?"

2 doctors and 1 nurse await me at our pediatrician's office (I LOVE LOVE LOVE them, by the way, they are so fantastic!)

5: the number of times I told Lucy that when we got to the doctor's "I had better not hear a peep out of her, she was to sit in the chair and do whatever I told her to do. No whining or complaining!" (She behaved wonderfully, was an angel - thank you Lord!)

Nurse Theresa cleaned up Jack's head, and Dr. Scott applied some iodine and a butterfly bandage, and assured me that Jack would be just fine. Jack choose the best spot to hit his head, front of the forehead. The crazy swelling was the fluid being released from the blood vessels (Yikes!). They assured me it was fine to drop him off at MMO, which was a good thing, because I had my annual checkup with my OB scheduled in 13 minutes. (Which of course, now I'd be late for. So much for my strategy of scheduling the first appointment time with my new OB, Dr. Conrad - who is apparently WONDERFUL but you wait for the blessed event of seeing him. 'Tis true, I discovered - he is wonderful, but you DO wait- for I was at his office a full two hours and 5 minutes. Not how I want to spend my precious free time, and it caused me to miss tutoring at New Hope today, which I feel awful about. But take two kids under three years to an obgyn for an appointment?!? Can you imagine the questions Lucy would ask. No thanks!)

Okay, a few more numbers for my day:

1: kid who came for tutoring

2: number of kids who did NOT nap today. (so much for tutoring while they nap. Lucy had to stay in her room and play and Jack was confined to his crib to play for 45 minutes while I tutored.)

3: number of caffeinated drinks I've consumed today.

22: seconds it'll take before my worried parents will call about Jack after reading this post.

7: number of babysitters I've called trying to find one available to sit tomorrow night so Jason and I can have a date night. I still haven't found one. (One problem is that tomorrow night is Grissom vs. Huntsville High in baseball, and apparently, it's THE place to be for high schoolers ;-) ahh, those days!)

?: how many glasses of wine I might drink tonight :-)

Hope YOU have had a far safer and less stressful day than me!


  1. Oh my goodness, what a day!!! And on a Dr. conrad day too :( Heck, I'll watch them tonight if you need me to :)

  2. Wowzers! I am stressed out just reading about your day! Wish I could watch them too... but guess what? I will also be at that overly-hyped up baseball game. Too funny!