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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

1 Peter 1:3

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead..."

Happy Easter! We've had a wonderful holiday weekend. The Clicks' egg hunt on Saturday was lots of fun - the rain ended just in time, although it ended up being a bit hot for my taste.

Here, Lucy and Audrey are playing with the lambs.

and singing and dancing together. So sweet!

Despite Lucy saying that she wasn't going to be scared of the Easter Bunny this year, clearly, she was! Poor baby!

Time for the Egg Hunt! Jack caught right on ;-)

I love this one because Jack's trying to eat his egg, and Lucy's Jolly Rancher is poking out through her skin! LOL!

Typical, there was not one single decent shot of the four of us...This was as good as it got!

"Mmmmmm, chocolate!"

Easter Service was fantastic at church this morning, capped off with an amazing artist who did a very cool painting during the end of the sermon. If you saw it, you know how amazing it was! The coolest part about this painting - and I'm not sure if it's obvious from the photo-but this began as a blank, black canvas. Cash, the artist, created this by painting the "negative" so to speak. He did it in about 8 or so minutes, while John was wrapping up the sermon. It was stationed on something that allowed it to turn 360 degrees, and most of the time Cash was painting it upside down. You couldn't tell what it was until just about when the artist was done painting. It was amazing!

Getting ready for church...

My mom wasn't able to come visit us with my dad this weekend, so here, Lucy was showing her dress off for "Lady."

Isn't this a face!?!

Toby wanted to join the "family pic."

Again, not any great ones to choose from :-)

Tonight, we had our third (or maybe 4th, we can't remember :-) annual Easter dinner with some of our Huntsville friends. This year was extra special, as there were many babies brought to dinner this year! Praise God for his beautiful gift of life and the joy that only innocent babies can bring!

Choice of tables: casual or formal? ;-)

(Oh, how I would LOVE to have a dining room and table that would accommodate like, 16 people. That'd be awesome!)

See what I'm talking about with all these beautiful babies! And one baby - the newest of the bunch, Anna (not pictured), is only two weeks old, so she had to stay away from all these kiddos' germs ;-)

Lucy got to hold Drew - she loved it! And I love that face! Could eat it up!

Lord, I thank you for a beautiful Easter Weekend! Because of you, I may experience all these beautiful gifts - my loving family, loyal and loving friends, a cozy home, an awesome church home, and most of all, my amazing kids. Glory to God in the highest!

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  1. Thanks for hosting the dinner! We had fun as usual with you all. Glory to God is right...He sure does give us plenty to be so Blessed about!!