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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bed Canopy Birthday Present

Lucy received her big present from my parents, Papa 'n Lady, Friday night. While she was getting her bath, my parents set up her adorable, "petal canopy."

I love how this looks-heck, I want one!

Here's Lucy walking into her room to see her surprise!

Lucy wants the tulle closed all around her once she's in bed, and loves to sleep with it around her all night!

Great present Papa and Lady!!! I turn 30 in July...(hint, hint) ;-)

Lucy's party was today (she turns three on Monday), and it was just great! The weather outside was grey and threatening storms, but amazingly, they held off for the whole two-hour shindig ;-)

The little tots looked absolutely precious in their costumes, and our surprise treat for the kids - a visit from princess Jasmine-went off so much better than I had expected it to. She was great!

I've lots of photos to edit through, but pics will be up tomorrow!

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  1. Awww! I love the pictures of Lucy, she clearly LOVES it! And who could blame here - that is SO SO cute! Love it!