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Sunday, April 18, 2010

All my loves are back!

As sad as I was that my free, quiet weekend was over, I was so happy to see my sweet family come home! Lucy had just woken up from taking her nap during the two-hour car ride from Jason's family's house in Oxford, AL to our home here in Huntsville. She sluggishly sauntered into the house, and croaked out, "Mo...m...m...y!" It felt great to pick her up! And Jack ran in behind, just having woken up as well, but not letting that slow him down a bit ;-) He flew onto my leg and grabbed on for life! I love my kiddos.

And my sweet tired, who's exhausted (yes! maybe he's getting a glimpse of what it's like for me everyday ;-), wrapped his arms around me with my arms around the kids, and all was well with the world! I can't wait to get a wonderful night's rest tonight, for I never sleep well when Jason's away.

But they all had a blast at Auburn's ADay game and spending time with Jason's folks, Baba and Grandpa. Jason's brother, Justin, also came into town, so the kids loved seeing him. I've been told their favorite part of the ADay game (which brought in over 60,000 fans - that's over 2/3 of the stadium's capacity-what a turnout!), was walking on the bleachers and all around the stadium.

Here are some pictures from the weekend:

Lucy and Baba

Walking to the tailgate spot with Grandpa!

Catch me if you can!

So, the game started at 1:00, and since our kids nap from 1-4ish each day, they didn't take naps. This pic below is of Jack at the end of the game. He couldn't even make it back to the tailgate spot. He was O.U.T! Sweet sleeping boy!

(funny note on this umbrella stroller...It cost me $3 at Play It Again, and it has survived two airport trips to Denver and now a super long walk to and from the stadium. I think we've gotten our money's worth! ;-)

I got so much accomplished this weekend:

Friday night I headed out to The Scene at Bridgestreet with three other girlfriends where I spent the majority of my weight watchers "weekly bonus" points on sweet potato french fries and cheese quesidilla and two miller lights.

Saturday I scored oh so big! (more on that to come) at the community-wide yard sales over in my area, ran, got a pedicure with Tiffany, completed a scrapbook gift book for our sweet cleaning help, Mary and Jimmy, scrapbooked the kids' Memphis trip, planned the menu for Bunco here Wed. night, and Lucy's birthday menu for Saturday.

And today, I planned the Supper Club theme and main entree for this month (April's birthstone of "diamonds" made me think "weddings," so the theme is going to be bringing food items we all had at our weddings), as we're hosting that here Monday night.

(Oh my gosh, after typing that I just realized, I'll be hosting Bunco here Wed. night, Lucy's party here, three days later, followed by Supper Club here two days after that. Whoa! People will be so sick of coming to my house! ;-)

Oh yeah, and I hired a high-school girl to come and be the Surprise Princess at Lucy's bday party. She's going to dress up as Jasmine (Thanks to my friend, Julie, who scored me the costume!!!!! Thanks a mil!) and theatrically tell the story of how she met her true love, Prince Aladdin, and do some other fun stuff with the kids.

It was such a refreshing weekend, but I'm glad my house is buzzing again! Thank you Jason for a wonderful weekend!!!! xxxooo

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  1. Glad you had such a productive yet relaxing weekend! Jack looks so precious sleeping. :)