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Sunday, April 11, 2010

I LOVE CraigsList!

Super CL find today!!!! Now, if you are a blog reader from afar, you may not be aware of my obsession with Craigslist.

I'm addicted. Posting my own things for sale, browsing the other stuff people list, buying things myself...I'm guilty of all of it! ;-) I even shop the "Atlanta Craigslist" and have my folks - who are gracious enough to do so - pick up the items for me. (From Atlanta, I scored the baby gate with the walk through door that we use in the playroom, for $60 - original price online if you bought the exact gate new, $220, and the foam alphabet blocks on the floor in there for $15. I also picked up Lucy's tricycle - in fabulous shape - for $12 from a lady who lived 5 minutes away from my folks. There's simply so much more selection in Atlanta, it's insane. Check it out! ;-)

But today, I think I have to say I scored my best ever CL find (and it was here in Huntsville). And it's not my "best find ever" because of the actual thing I bought (more on my wavering opinion of it in just a second), but it's a total score because

1. I have been looking for a piece of furniture to store my scrapbooks in FOREVER. I have so many albums right now (and my kids are just 2 and 1!), and they're taking over nooks and crannies in my house. And even though they've been stored in cute, faux-leather, "pottery-barn-ish" bins, it's amounted to WAY TOO MUCH CLUTTER.


a little storage by the armoir unit... (and I've never noticed before how AWFUL all those cords look! Must fix that somehow! "Jason..." :-)

a little more by the computer desk - upon which Jason sets his work bag...

Yep, it's driving me crazy. So, I've been looking, forever...but to no avail (until yesterday!)

Problem 2: my 12 X 12 scrapbooks are acutally more like 15 X 15 when you take into account the outer part of the scrapbook.

So, bookcases (which there are tons of on CL, simply fell too small on the "depth" measurements.)

3. I could go to a furniture store and pay full price for some piece of furniture that would work, but I never pay full price if I can at all avoid it.

4. Jason is capable of building a piece of custom furniture that would accommodate my s.books, and he'd so a great job with it, but he's so busy with his two entrepreneurial endeavors that I don't want to ask him to do that. He hardly ever gets to brew as it is...

So, like I said, what I found was a total score because:

1. It FIT my scrapbooks!

2. The lady lived 8 minutes away from me!

3. It was only $35!!!!!

So, here was my great find!:

We put it right behind the sofa, and moved the "sofa table" to another wall where it fit well. The kids' current scrapbooks are in a cute bin on top of that table, and I think it works well.

What I'm not decided on is what I think of this piece of furniture...

Sometimes when I look at it, I think the carving work is really beautiful and unique, but I don't love the color tone of the piece, and I'm not sure if it doesn't appear as if my great-great-great-great grandmother passed this on to me...But then again, maybe that makes this "vintage," who knows? And like I said, I've looked for so long, that spending $35 just to get rid of the clutter is worth it to me ;-)

So, honestly, I really want your opinion. And don't say you like it if you don't. To be sure, I'm not easily offended. I really want to know...


  1. Kelly, I need to give you my "list" of wants and get YOU to search CL for me!!! I can't EVER seem to find anything that works for me!!! Maybe I'm too picky!!! As for this piece - WOW!!! CRAZY carvings!!! But, that said, I think it has some major potential - IF it were ME, I would distress it. I would paint it black and sand off some of the corners and the carvings. Then, I'd put a cherry stain on top - to create a really neat distressed look. That piece screams it! Whatever you decide, I'd love to come over and help or watch! I think it's a GREAT buy!!!

  2. I absolutely loooove the piece! I would have that in my house in an instant! Great find! I really like Ashley's ideas to distress it as well. Awesome!