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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Spring List!

Things I love about Spring!

1. The new blossoms of color and green on the trees!

2. The mild temperatures

3. The fact that I'm very lucky and don't suffer from allergies, so it's a joy to be outside.

4. Wearing sandals.

5. And thus, getting pedicures :-)

6. Jason's garden is starting to grow fresh herbs and vegetables we'll be able to use.

7. I get to plant annuals in our yard.

8. A summer trip is just around the corner.

9. Celebrating Lucy's birthday in April.

10. Longer daylight hours outside for taking family walks after dinner.

Things I don't like so much about Spring:

1. The mild temperatures don't last nearly long enough here in Alabama.

2. I don't have a beetle convertible to drive around in. :-(

3. Swimsuit season is just around the corner - yikes!

4. I have to start shaving my legs way more often than I do in the summer. (Seriously, you don't want to know how long I go between shavings ;-)

5. bugs

6. mowing the grass

7. mom's morning out ends in a few weeks :-(

I can't quite come up with any more reasons why I don't like Spring. So much for keeping things even at ten apiece ;-)

Here are some fun pics to go along with this post. Here are Lucy and Jack's first outings in their "First Spring" season.

Lucy was just days old here. We were home from the hospital and taking a walk in our old neighborhood on Pansy Street. This is a favorite picture of mine just to see how Toby's head is the size of her entire body. Oh, the preciousness of newborns!

This was a weekend we spent in Atlanta last Spring. We played outside at the Rec Center in my mom and dad's neighborhood. Here Jack was enjoying some time with "Papa."

Happy Spring to you! We're enjoying a beautiful day here, hope you're having a great one where you are too!


  1. I love spring. I can add one to your dislike list - bugs! Well, specifically wasps and mosquitos. HATE them!

  2. You should definitely not worry about swimsuit season b/c you look great!