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Saturday, April 3, 2010


I don't have one specific thing in mind for my post today...My head is all over the place, and likely, this post will be as well.

Let's see. First off, I want to post a link to this blog I've been following. I'm so inspired by this woman. Her writing is excellent - a joy to read. Her kids are adorable. But best of all, she has an amazing, Godly attitude toward every challenge and reward she encounters. I love her outlook, and when I'm sour and feeling sorry for myself, I read her blog, and the day's post always has an uncanny way being just what I need to hear to get myself back on track. I can't even remember how I came across her blog - it was through one of my friends' blogs I follow. Click here for "Lots of Scotts."

Jack has been particularly heart-warming and squeezeably cute this week. Perhaps it's the new crop of spring and summer clothes that have him looking so much older. And the fact that he's added a new word to his very small speakable vocabulary - "truck" - also adds to the heart tugs. And when he's in his baseball cap, particularly when it's turned backward, it's a new level of "cute!" His new passion is waving at cars on the road. We were at Bruggers last night, enjoying a lovely evening, and even lovelier ice cream, and he had a blast waving to the cars driving by.

Lucy is all about two birthday parties coming up: Audrey's (this Saturday) and hers (in several Saturdays). She loved delivering her invitations, and she seeks confirmation daily about how she's going to be able to wear her "princess dress" to her party. "Yes, Lucy, you can wear your princess dress." Why does she think I'd object!?! :-) She even wore it last night to get ice cream ;-)

My dad is in town this weekend visiting with us. It's nice to have family around, and the kids absolutely love it! My mom is busy at home doing school work and shopping at the Mart - picking out adorable things for the kids, no doubt. We've got an Easter Egg Hunt to go to today, but the weather is just horrible right now - downpour - so I hope it will let up soon.

Our turkey is thawing in the refrigerator...it's massive, a 22 pounder. We're hosting Easter Dinner here this year, and Jason has taken responsibility for all things related to the turkey. His recipe he chose: "beer-basted turkey" How appropriate! :-) I'm so grateful of his willingness to take charge, and take responsibility off of my plate. Even when it's just cooking a turkey, I'm grateful he's an involved and attentive husband. Love you!

I'm very much looking forward to Easter Service tomorrow. I'm in a new and changing place in my walk with the Lord. It's great. I look forward to tomorrow's special worship and what it represents!

Happy Easter Weekend to everyone!

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