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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Well What d'ya know...

While eating breakfast this morning, I indulged in a favorite activity-reading my Real Simple magazine. (Lucy has her Highlights magazine so she can do what mommy does :-). This is truly a great magazine, and I always find such practical tips (LOVE the section, "New uses for ordinary things"); this month was no different.

Surprisingly, I was able to read more than just two pages before something required my attention elsewhere, and I found so many fun facts and tips.

There was an article about the dishwasher-filled with tips on how to load your dishwasher so you get the most from cleaning it, what the parts of the dishwasher do (not at all interesting to me, but I'm sure my engineer husband would have appreciated it :-), and finally, a part about things you may be surprised that can go in the dishwasher...

Like potatoes (rinse only cycle). Heck ya! I can certainly put this to good use -- every Thanksgiving, well the Thanksgiving meals I cook when we're home, which has only been one to date-last year because Jack was due any day, I love to make Tyler Florence's "Grainy Mashed Potatoes." (recipe) Oh my goodness, they are so delicious and not difficult at all to make! And I hate spending so much time washing the darn potatoes, so this is genius! Stick 'em in the dishwasher!

Other cool things I learned. let's see...oh yeah, the criteria that makes it okay to regift:
1. It's new and has never been opened
2. It's something you would have bought for this person anyway
3. The original giver and new recipient don't know each other at all
4. You've completely rewrapped it.

There were some funny stories about people who have received "regifted" gifts and knew it because the giver was careless. Happened to me once too. My third year teaching, a student gave me a cookbook for Christmas. It's turned out to be my very favorite cookbook because all the recipes are make ahead and bake later style. Anyhoo, about a year after having it, I discovered an sweet message intended for the original recipient (the mother who sent her daughter to school with this book as a gift for me :-). LOL! But, seriously, I don't care one bit. I really enjoyed (and still enjoy) the gift!

Finally, this one's for Barbara, my mother-in-law, who always pays such attention to wrapping her Christmas gifts and spends so much time adorning the gifts with beautiful ribbon and tiny festive accessories. A little ribbon math: take the gift-box length, multiply it by 7, and that's the length of ribbon needed.

Says who? I have no idea, nor do I have the patience when I'm wrapping gifts to actually measure the box and perform mathematical calculations, but there ya go :-)

I'm off to go enjoy the beautiful day the Lord has made! It is beautiful outside and there's a tiny little lady who wants to go swing!

Picture for today: Jason's and my first Thanksgiving together, well as husband and wife (2004). Toby was only 5 months old, and already HUGE! :-)

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