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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

kids say the darndest things...

So my mom and dad, "Papa & Lady" were in town this past weekend to celebrate Halloween with Jack and Lucy. They love Rosie's-no argument here- so we went there Friday night for some yumminess. Well, on the way home, Lucy chimes in from the back, "Papa, do you like farts?" As Jason tries not to veer off the road, we all sit there a little shocked; but it wasn't long before the laughs escaped. Quickly catching on, Lucy asks again, but this time to Lady, "Lady, do you like farts?"

My mom suggests a new word to Lucy to use in place of "farts" -- "lollipop". This dates back to when I was little and my parents called farts, "lollipops." (They also told me that a vagina was a "tutu" and- my personal favorite- a penis was referred to as "tail." Led to quite a bit of confusion on my part as a child when my dance class wore tutus in ballet class and the position of a tail on an animal was the hind side...but, I digress).

So I pipe up from the front, exclaiming to my mom, "Don't call it a lollipop! That makes no sense! :-) 'Fart' is not a bad word."

Semantics aside, the rest of the ride home was spent giggling at Lucy, who was now fully aware of the spotlight on her and the cause and effect of saying "fart," especially Daddy's reaction (He was so proud! ;-) just kidding) My mom and I kept telling Lucy that no, we don't like farts, but my dad and Jason could not be counted on to teach the same message. Of course. Despite the awkward sounds and sometimes horrific smells that result from farting, most men think it to be one of the funnies bodily functions.

So, if you offer my daughter a lollipop and she farts on cue, now you'll know why!


  1. Laughing outloud!!

  2. That's a classic tale...lollipops, tutus, and tails. Could be the name of a really funny book!