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Monday, November 23, 2009

At Papa 'n Lady's house in Atlanta

Hi, it's Jack! I'm writing because my mom is too excited to type today-she's meeting some singer named David Cook tonight and she's off doing her hair or something...

I'm in Atlanta at the g'parents house, and having a great time getting into all kinds of fun, new things...check it out:

Daddy's good friends Chris & Emily and their super cute new baby, Elise, came over to visit on Saturday night. She sure was really beautiful...I was considered breaking up with my girlfriend, Claire so I could ask out Elise, but then I decided a long-distance relationship would be too difficult to manage being that I can't drive yet...

Here are the Daddies with their daughters :-)

Found something new-STAIRS!- and I LOVE climbing on them!

Look! I can even do it with one foot!

Big Sister went to see some horses on Lady's friend's land...

but they scared her and she didn't like it very much.

I spend a lot of time playing in Lady's kitchen drawers and pulling off the window dividers. Rocky's food bowls are fun to dig in, and once I even managed to sneak away without anyone noticing. It was a good ten minutes or so before anyone realized it! I was playing in Lady and Papa's bathroom, trying to get in the shower. Mommy felt terrible for forgetting about me (again!)...I think we're heading out for lunch soon, which is good, because it's already been a full 45 minutes since I last ate, and I'm hungry.

Oh, and Lucy told me to tell everyone that she's still accident-free, and using the potty like a big girl without any trouble! I don't understand why everyone gets really excited and claps every time she goes "potty," but whatever, I guess I 'll learn about that soon enough. She's really proud of herself, and so are mommy and daddy!

Well, my tiny fingers are tired, and I'm itching to get into something else new that I'm not supposed to...catch ya' later!



  1. LOL! Claire saw the pic and was concerned for a minute but I assured her Jack is still her boyfriend!

    So proud of Lucy for doing so well with PT!!

    Hope you have a blast tonight!

  2. Wow, Jack! What a great post. You've really grown a lot since I saw you last (you were just a little over a month old when we left the country). Enjoy the holiday!