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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Hangover

If only Lucy hadn't discovered so quickly that all it takes to get candy on Halloween is to knock on someone's door, then perhaps I wouldn't feel so full from the candy she "shared" with me :-)

We had a wonderful Halloween weekend! My parents came into town and got to experience all the fun Lucy has at Little Gym, we filled our bellies with Rosie's Friday night, went to a fun Halloween party at Graham and Wade's Saturday (and I must say, I LOVED all their decorations. I've never seen a more festive house. It was really fun to be there!), and enjoyed trick or treating with Jack and Lucy.

"Papa & Lady" even got into the spirit-my mom dressed up as Ariel's grandmother (Lucy was the mermaid, Ariel) and my dad was The Cat in the Hat. Although Lucy had a real problem with Lady wearing a red wig, so that was unfortunate b/c the wig really did make the outfit :-)

And now we find ourselves already in November, with Jack's birthday and Christmas just around the corner! Six weeks and counting 'til Steamboat-We can't wait!

Here's is some adorableness that can come only from little kids dressed up in costumes!

Lucy is a mermaid, and Jack is Puff the Magic Dragon (one of the kids' favorite stories currently.

Papa and Lady!

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  1. Back away from the chocolate Kelly... hehe. I need to do the same. The kids look ADORABLE and I love Papa and Lady's costumes! I hope we can experience ToTing together next year!