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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fallen Idol

Well, turns out I will NOT be running away with David Cook after all, and not because he turned me down.  Rather, I didn't feel compelled to ask him if he would  ;-)

If you know me and have been in my presence anytime in the last month, then you probably witnessed my excitement in anticipation of last night's concert and "meet and greet" with David Cook (winner of American Idol two seasons ago).  I LOVED him (stress the past tense form of the verb).  

His concert was okay, certainly a lively show, but the meet and greet with him was so disappointing, horribly tenebrific!  I've been lucky enough to be able to meet lots of singers and bands growing up and even from time to time as an adult (thanks Dad!), and this ranks as the worst one EVER!  

Here's how it went down... there were about fifteen of us who were ushered silently into a front room in the Tabernacle (where the show was), and eventually David Cook and the other band members entered the room.  Without so much as an acknowledgement of the fans that were gathered in this room-not even the utterance of a "hello" or "glad you guys are here" or at the very least a "thanks for coming", they stood in front of the fireplace against the wall and his band manager started pointing at people and indicating they should stand in front of the band while he took a picture.  

Cook offered some "hellos" once or twice to people as they walked up to him, but that was it!  The group of us sat around uncomfortably in the still and quiet room until someone finally got up and approached the band with a sharpie and article of clothing to be signed.  Others followed suit, including me, as I stupidly handed the cd cover from their album to the band guy standing at the end of the line.  My square little paper was passed down the line, silently signed by each person and handed back to to me.  It was made quite clear that this pathetic little meet and greet was done when the band manager announced and gestured toward the door, "You can leave through this door."  Thanks...

I left deflated, all my nervousness and bundled energy that had built up the entire day- no make that the entire month beforehand-left my body in a mere "sheesh" as my friend and I made our way to the Ladies Room.  "Lame, lame, lame!" I vented to Laura.  

Now I was just mad...I get few precious hours away from my kids, time to hang out with girlfriends, and I have to stomach that my precious time (had to be there two hours before show time for this event) was just wasted.  I would have much rather gone out to some great restaurant with Laura and enjoyed a few martinis and shown up for the musical part of the evening.

But the bright side, and there IS one, was that both opening bands were awesome!  My favorite music of the whole night came from the band "The Script."  Lead singer had a very unique voice.  Cool show.  And Cook did do a fun cover of the song, Hot for Teacher.  And even though I was no longer in love with the American Idol winner, I did swoon a bit when I closed my eyes and just listened to his voice as he sang.  I do love his voice...

And hey, a night out with a good friend listening to a concert-really any concert-is always a fun time.  Even if the beers are $10 a pop...

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  1. What a disappointment!! I mean, really, that just breaks my heart. How difficult would it have been to be a little more enthusiatic and friendly for your fans?!?