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Thursday, November 5, 2009

They're like two ladies in a nursing home...

So, the title of the post-that's what Mrs. Debbie told me about Lucy and Audrey when I picked up the girls from school today-LOL! She said all day, these two holler back and forth to each other, "Hey Lucy, whatcha doin?" "Hey Audrey (pronounced, "Orrrrdrey")..." So darn cute, these two.

I love, love, love driving carpool because these two little biddies are so entertaining. From the moment we pick up Audrey, they talk non-stop. Some topics that are discussed every time: the cows in the field, Lucy reminding Audrey that I'm her mommy: "Audrey, that's not your mommy, it's my mommy" love that I'm referred to as 'it', singing songs and dancing-they love dancing to the radio. Audrey in particular gets her groove on.

But today the girls had a dialogue that could have sent me off the road I was laughing so hard...After singing, Audrey kept a little tune going by making a noise that could have been considered by some annoying. And Lucy considered it very annoying, for she scolded Audrey, "No Audrey! Don't do that!" When Audrey chose to continue "singing," Lucy took a stronger tone...

Finally, I hear Lucy shout over her shoulder, "What'd I tell you, Audrey, stop! What'd I tell you, what'd I tell you!"

And this is one of those things where if you were there, your sides would hurt from laughing, but if you've seen these two together, you can picture it in your mind for sure! :-)

And I know she totally got that from me...I've never heard Jason say, "What'd I tell you?" He has so much patience with Lucy, it's wonderful. And I'm pretty patient as well, but I know I've said this many time to Lulu, due to disbelief on my part. I mean, I know Lucy heard me tell her to stop squiggling so I can put her diaper on, why isn't she following my directions kind of thing: "What'd I tell you!?!"

But I know none of you parents out there have ever said anything like that, right? :-) Geez, these kids don't miss a thing! LOL!

Check out the video to see what Tiffany's ride home was like on Tuesday with the girls singing!

*these are older pictures, taken in late summer...

They really do adore each other!

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