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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lucy Update

We have such a wonderful group of family and friends-I truly thank God for that blessing in our lives. Many of you have asked about Lucy and kept her in your prayers, thank you!

We went to the doctor this morning. Strep test was negative, lungs and chest sounded fine, ears were problem-free, but her throat was very red and swollen. Fever has come down to around 101, so that's a huge improvement.

Lucy thrashed about when Dr. Susan was taking a throat culture; we had to restrain her-it was so terrible! I thought she was going to throw up from keeping her jaw shut so tight and crying all at the same time. But, she got a sticker and lollipop when it was over, so hopefully that undid some of the damage :-)

She's on antibiotics now as a precaution, but looks like this is just something that will have to run its course...I'm hoping we're on the downhill slope since this has been going on four days now. And hopefully the prescription will start to help.

Thanks again for keeping Lucy in your thoughts and prayers!

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  1. I hope the antibiotics help soon. Audrey misses Lucy!