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Friday, November 6, 2009

Playing in the Woods

We've been blessed with another BEAUTIFUL, picture-perfect Fall day today. Jason took the day off and I sent him off to the golf course to get a much-needed break, but before he left this morning, we took the kids to the woods near our house. The trees are peaking with some beautiful colors, and I wanted to see if we could get lucky and get some great photos of our darlings...I LOVE how they turned out! (Wall Project!)

Oh, and finally, I got the best news EVER today (no, I'm not pregnant again, although that would be wonderful news :-)! My dad called and told me the news that I'll get to go backstage and meet David Cook at his concert in Atlanta in a few weeks! OH MY GOODNESS! I know it's silly, but I absolutely LOVE David Cook. I will simply not know what to do with myself when I get to meet him. I'm sure it will involve stumbling over my words and giddy behavior matching that of a thirteen year old! Can't wait-thank you dad, you're the best!

I may just have to whip out some wallet pics of these two beauties! ;-)

Toby was with us running free in the woods; that's who jack is waving at :-)

trademark squinty eyes-that's straight from me :-)

love, love, love!

when did my baby girl grow into a tiny lady?!?

might be my favorite pic of Jack!


  1. Those turned out GREAT! Looks like the kids had a good time too. Congrats on getting to meet David Cook, SO exciting!!

  2. Hey Kelly: You're welcome to stalk my blog any time you're interested. I've not been writing nearly as much as I used to...since I started teaching pre-school two days a week. However, when the stories do happen to occur these days, they're doozies! Looks like you have your hands full with two little precious munchkins of your own! They are darling and your woodsy photo shoot turned out beautifully.

    And how do you know Cindy? She and I went to church together in high school and her mom was one of our Sunday School teachers...one of my favorites!

    Anyway, I shall have to return the favor and browse through your postings :)