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Thursday, November 26, 2009

My Thanksgiving List

in no particular order

1. my beautiful babies jack and lucy; being their mom is the greatest blessing i could ever receive
2. jason and the strength, encouragement, acceptance, and love i receive from him
3. my Lord and savior, Jesus Christ
4. Fall and the fun that usually comes with: great weather, fun football games
5. jodi picoult books
6. outback cheese fries
7. my three years teaching at randolph
8. my family-immediate and extended...the good, the bad, and the ugly, there is always something to be learned.
9. Fiskar scissors
10. my girlfriends
11. Spanx
12. comfy pants
13. bubble baths with a good glass of wine
14. my mom's awesome xmas gift many years ago of a family ski trip to CO...it would have been so sad if i never got to experience how fun skiing is
15. being free of disabilities
16. generous parents
17. my awesome mattress-seriously, EVERY night i look forward to sleeping on it
18. my dog, toby
19. baby's breathing when they sleep
20. Food Network
21. my bunco group and how Molly's antics usually leave my sides hurting from laughing so hard
22. Sam Adams
23. Terrame
24. being able to go to college
25. digital editing software
26. ice cream cakes
27. my inclination towards crafty things
28. epidurals
29. that so many of my friends are going to be mommies soon
30. Shel Silverstein poems

and if i had more time (and if this computer hadn't already died unexpectedly and lost this list once before), i'd keep going, but it's time to tuck lucy and jack into bed, and THAT is a favorite part of my day -- for more than one reason ;-)

happy thanksgiving everyone!

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