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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Turns out it wasn't croup...

After another visit to the Pediatric ER last night, we discovered Jack does not, in fact, have croup, but the flu - poor baby. ;-(

After two days of steroids and the breathing treatment he received Wed. night, he just was not showing much improvement. And after a very scary episode when I was changing his diaper - and thus, he was lying flat on his back - when he was gasping for air and pratically choking, we decided he needed to be seen by a doctor again.

And of course it was 6 pm on a Friday night, so that meant back to the ER (can't wait to get the bill for these two trips ;-(

They did a chest x-ray to rule out the possibility of a foreign object in his airways (quite possible with this kid!), then ruled that out. Ruled out pneumonia, and then did a flu test, which revealed why steroids would be doing little good to help Jack get better...

So, he's on Tamiflu and we're crossing our fingers for a speedy recovery so we can still go and enjoy a Lake Trip with the Billings and then the Postma's Pool Party on Memorial Day. Doc said he's not contagious after 24 hours with no fever (and without any tylenol to control the fever...)

If Jack comes to mind, please keep him in your prayers...he's just miserable this morning ;-(

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