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Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

We woke up to a most BEAUTIFUL day in Oxford, Alabama yesterday. We were visiting Jason's parents' house to celebrate our niece, Sophie's, baptism. Sophie and her parents, Jason's brother, Justin and wife Rebecca, live in Augusta, GA, but have baptized both their children at Jason's parents' church.

Everybody on Jason's side of the family came to celebrate - Jason's sister, Sarah and her boyfriend, Justin came from St. Louis (they left at 3:30 am on Saturday!), and even Jason's Grandma and Grandpa Bert drove up from Orlando, FL. It was great to have everybody under one roof, and this was the first time we got to meet Sophie in person.

Lucy wanted to play with Sophie and touch her face a lot, and Jack and Joshua - Sophie's older brother - played so great together. Jack actually outweighs his older cousin, and they had the best time chasing each other around the house and the backyard.

We enjoyed a super yummy bbq dinner Saturday night, and Lucy enjoyed a special treat of sleeping in Baba and Grandpa's room on a special cot just for her. Never one to miss an opportunity for something extra fun, she even climbed into their bed around 6am and enjoyed a few more hours of sleep tucked between two of her favorite people in the world!

I'll post pictures as soon as I get them from my sister-in-law.

Unfortunately, I was feeling terribly rotten when I woke up on Mother's Day, and it only worsened as the day wore on. I had seriously stressed out my knee during a visit to my friend Kylie's Boot Camp early Saturday morning, and it was getting more and more swollen all day Saturday as we traveled to Oxford, AL. By Sunday, I could barely walk on it. But that was just my knee; my body felt achy like one would with the flu. I had chills, dizziness, major lack of appetite (I really know something is wrong when I don't feel like eating!), and I was pretty sure I had a UTI.

My knee will occasionally flare up after I've worked out possibly a bit too hard (our boot camp sessions this week definitely kicked Tiffany's and my butt!) and we're still running several times a week, but it hasn't hurt this bad in over 5 years.

Doctor's orders this morning were to lay off of it until it feels back to normal, and fortunately, no damage was done to my ACL. Phew! The swelling keeps going down, so I'm hopeful I can get back on track with my boot camp classes this Thursday.

And I give you all this background info on my silly knee so that you can appreciate the irony of my Mother's Day gift Jason was so excited to give me:

It's this really cool product Nike put out that connects to you Ipod and tracks your running distance, calories burned, and it even has a button you can push when you feel like you're about to die, and your ipod will automatically turn to your pre-selected "kick-butt-I'm-not-a-quitter-keep-on-pushin-it" song!

Jason was so excited to give it to me, and send me out on an afternoon run, and it seemed God was doing His part, for it was the most PERFECT weather outside yesterday ;-), but all I wanted to do was crawl into bed, which I did and slept from 3pm to after 6.

I still feel like crap today, but my wonderful husband stayed home from work and is tackling the laundry and two very energetic kiddos and letting me lay around. How did I get so lucky!?!

I can't wait to use my Mother's Day gift, hopefully it will be very soon! Thank you Jason!

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  1. I'm really hoping you'll be better by Thursday. Glad to hear it's nothing TOO serious. Take it easy these few days! Great job Jason on the MD gifts, I would love that stuff!