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Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Fun Pictures

I've been spending a substantial amount of time uploading the last five months' family pictures onto our Shutterfly Share Site (which those are great to have by the way, as a way to share pictures easily with family who like to print copies for themselves!), and I've come across a few recent photos I meant to post and obviously forgot.

And it's Friday, so let's have a little fun with some "fun" pictures:

Lucy loves to pick out her clothes in the morning. I love this outfit, classic!

oh yeah, girl!

and yes, we play in these clothes too ;-)

this one's kind of impressive: she's totally off the ground.

"What? Oh, you said I couldn't have more M &M's?!?"

At the Click's Party

Apparently, Jack is working on solving the nation's economic crisis - so deep in thought ;-)



  1. Cute pictures! Love the navy shirt paired with the tutu. :) I'm afraid what Audrey would pick if I left it up to her!

  2. Grant liked her outfit too. He thought she looked awfully pretty. He just kept saying "I'm just a little bigger than her though." I don't know where that came from. We hope to see this outfit at the beach too. :)

  3. The next Carrie Bradshaw..love my lulu and her oh so fab fashion style. Makes a LADY proud..all she needs is a BELT!