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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

This is what happens when Lucy finds scissors

So, yesterday, as I was miserable lying in bed all day and my wonderful (s0-wonderful-he-does-four-loads-of-laundry-and-watches-the-kids-while-I'm-in-bed-sick" wonderful!) husband sent Lucy to her room for time out. I can't remember what she did, probably something involving poor Jack.

Well, she found scissors in her room - in her bed, good gracious! (don't have a heart attack, dad!)-and while they were the "kiddie" kind with the blunt tip and soft grip, she had no trouble entertaining herself while in time out doing this:

Quite honestly, I'm just relieved she didn't cut her hair. It seems that's the first thing kids tend to do when they find scissors and they're unsupervised. So, it could have been worse.

When I came out of the room to join the family for dinner, and Jason told me what Lucy had done, I acted as horrified as I would have been if say, Sex and the City 2's release later this month was canceled. I gave her quite a talking to about respecting our things, in this case her books. I think she got the message that people aren't going to give her books if this is how she treats them. And she felt bad, oh she did. She got the picture.

(And just as a side note, I'm quite impressed she was able to cut across the entire length of the jacket cover-LOL! At least Jeff's note to Lucy on the inside cover page did not get damaged. In his note, he did tell her to "be silly!" Perhaps she though cutting through his face was "silly!" ;-)

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