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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Supper Club at the Lake

Our friends the Carney's hosted this month's Supper Club, and they arranged it to be at Honeycomb/ Lake Guntersville.

Unfortunately our whole group wasn't able to be there, but we enjoyed a nice afternoon together - despite a few breakdowns by my kids ;-(

(Lucy kept saying she needed to throw up, then seconds later, as soon as you had carried her off to the side to the grassy area, she'd announce she was fine. And Jack had several unfortunate incidents: bad diarrhea blowout that ruined his swimshorts, and the sand or sunscreen (both, perhaps?) irritated his eyes badly, so he was very uncomfortable most of the day - poor little guy ;-))

But here are some pictures documenting our day - highs and lows ;-)

Jack after falling in the water... ;-(

Lucy was dancing and twisting in the sand.

Lucy LOVED playing with the boogy board!

Jack practicing his football stance ;-)

Happy Boy!

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