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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Table Saw and Honda for Sale!

I have finally, FINALLY convinced Jason that it would be a good idea to sell the massive table saw that is eating up precious garage space, space I'd like to have to store the kids' scooters, tricycles, and cozy coupe, and then maybe, just maybe, I won't have to trip over "said items" as I lug kids and gear into the house on a daily basis.

I appreciate his woodworking skills, really I do. And I am beyond grateful that I have a husband who can do things around the house like build and repair things, which I realize he may use a table saw for...but the bottom line is that those events are few and far between when necessary, while it is necessary for Jack and Lucy to play outside daily.

It's like what he said when he came to his senses..."You know, the truth is, at this point in our lives, with little kids around, how often am I going to even have time to get out there and use the damn machine anyway?"

Exactly, baby...exactly.

So, he's sent out an email to his friends here in town to see if anyone wants to buy it for $100 (super cheap (well, for what it is...new ones sell for $500, and while this one's older, it functions like a brand new one.) before he lists it on Craigslist later this week for $200.

And you never know who may be interested, so I'm "listing" it on my blog today ;-)

I'll even throw in some free babysitting or meals if you buy it! Just please, get this out of my garage!!!! ;-)

And then, there's a Honda car for sale too! Jason has an old, OLD, I think it's a '92 Honda Accord that he hit a deer in a few months back. So, the front bumper, hood, and radiator need replaced, but other than that, it runs well.

He has the mind to go look in a junk yard for those parts, and fix the car himself, yet, I have the mind to realize that in reality that will take half a year to accomplish with all we have going on, so I say just sell the darn thing for parts, for cheap, whatever. Let a guy who loves to tinker with cars and fix them up deal with it. This car is our third car, graciously passed down by Jason's dad, and while great to have when one of our cars is in the shop, is not necessary and right now looks hideous in our driveway all broken and sad...

Buy this, and I'll really throw in some sweet bonuses! ;-) You name it!!! ;-)

Have a great day, everyone!

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