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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Last Day of School!

Summer's Here! And despite how much I love my Mother's Morning Out time, I'm not dreading summer at all!

I'm looking forward to more lazy mornings in our pajamas and a relaxed schedule.

Let's get busy being "un-busy!" ;-)

Jack in his nursery class with Ms. Natasha and Ms. Mary, whom he reaches for with open arms each Thursday! :-)

flashback to first day of school:

and Lucy with the wonderful Ms. Jesse B. and Ms. Debbie:

and Audrey, of course ;-) (In Lucy's end of the year comment, her teachers suggested that we provide Lucy with more opportunities to play with other children, so as not to get too attached to Audrey. LOL! The opportunities present themselves all the time; the girls just LOVE each other! ;-)

and her first day:

A few things worth noting as I look back over this:

1) I don't often put Lucy's hair in pig tails anymore, yet unconsciously, I had her in piggies on the first and last day. huh...

2) I love how Jack was facing out on the first day, a little wary of Ms. Mary, yet today, he's snuggling in close to her. awwwww...

3) lucy has lost all of her pudgy baby fat.

4) I absolutely loose my breath when I see how much they've grown this year. I keep tearing up looking at how big both of them are, especially Lucy...gone is the little toddler, and she's becoming such a grown up little girl.

My. heart. is. breaking ;-(

Yes, absolutely MUST have another one! ;-)

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  1. Awww, hugs! I know what you mean. Jack has really changed so much and I did notice that Lucy has lost her baby fat. I wondered if you put her in piggies on purpose!