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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Shopaholic and Baby

So today, Jack and I took a rare trip to the Mall while Lucy, blessedly, was in Mom's Morning Out.

(I simply refuse to take both kids to the mall by myself ever again...last time I did that, which was in June, a stranger approached me --while Lucy was running away, giggling, under racks of clothes and Jack was red-faced wailing in the stroller--and kindly said, "You know, there's something you might want to look into, called Mom's Morning Out, and I loved it with my kids." Wiping sweat off my brow, I looked up, smiled and replied, Oh yes, I know of it, my kid is enrolled, and I LOVE it too, but it's summer and the schools, unfortunately, don't meet.)

But, back to my story...so Jack and I headed to Belk to pick out a fun present for Daddy, a new tie for a big interview he has tomorrow with some folks in Colorado Springs. Well, I hit JACKPOT!

One great aspect of living in the South is that it does not even begin to get cool here until late October, possibly even November. However, all the stores slash prices on summer clothing end of August/early Sept. Those of you who know me well know that I am not much of a shopper, and I don't generally get excited about clothing purchases for myself (now Jason and the kids, I freakin' LOVE dressing other people!), but boy today, when I saw all those red dots, I got excited!!!!!

For some time, I have desperately needed some new "work out clothes." I treated myself to four new tops (lined with sports bra and all!) and one pair of shorts for $29(including tax!)!!!! Woo hoo!!!!!

We bought Jason two new ties they were so discounted, and I- reasoning with myself at how awesome my deal was with my new workout clothes-decided to update my pajama wear :-) Bought two new sleep tops (oh my gosh the material is SO SOFT), for $9 and bought a new "shower robe" for $10. (My shower robe dates back to junior year of college...yep, time for a new one). Not quite a whole wardrobe, but a huge improvement over the over sized t-shirts of Jason's I usually pull out of the drawer. Jack was getting fussy to eat, so I didn't really get to browse too much in that area, but maybe I can head back this weekend... :-)

Gotta wrap it up, Jack's not digging his exersaucer at the moment...But my thought for the day...if you need any kind of clothing, go check out Belk's...I think you'll be happy at how little you have to spend to get it. And one other point...shopping at 10:30 on a Tues. morning is a FABULOUS time to go...so quiet and sales clerks are just dying to help you out with anything...even holding your baby while you contemplate which shirt better compliments your skin tone :-)


  1. big interview in Colorado Springs? details, please!

  2. I thought y'all already knew one way or the other on that one??? Can't wait to hear! And, we may just have to go up to Belk to check things out. I'm always up for a bargain!