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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

RIP Johnny...

Lucy at 6 months old...my parents gave me this onesie before we were even pregnant...they knew it would be a perfect outfit for a child of mine! :-)

Sad news about Patrick Swazye passing away. My favorite movie of all times, Dirty Dancing, of course featured him as "Johnny," the love interest of Jennifer Grey's character, Baby. So, today, I thought I'd blog about a fact that is probably an unknown tidbit about myself.

So, when this movie came out, I think I was eight years old, and Vikki Locke - my dad's cohost on the radio-took me to see it in the theater. I thought that was the coolest thing ever. Looking back on it, it's funny because so many of the movie's topics went right over my head...like, Penny being "knocked up," (what, did she get beat up or something :-), why baby needed $250 from her dad to give to Penny (for the abortion), and because I had never even heard of an abortion, I was thoroughly confused as to why Penny was sick in bed and Baby's dad had to go take care of her...oh yeah, and when Lisa, Baby's sister, said, "Tonight's the night I'm going to go all the way with Robbie," yep-clueless. Oh yeah, and then there was the jerk waiter, Robbie, who was talking about how he was saving up tips for his "alpha romeo" (I'm probably butchering that spelling), but I take it that's a car or something. That one is still a little lost to me...Come to think of it, this movie was totally unappropriate for an eight-year old. LOL!

But, despite most of the movie's central conflicts being over my head, I did completely understand and LOVE the dancing! And most of all, I absolutely coveted Baby's pink dress she wore to the "Last Dance of the Season" at the very end of the movie. I was in love with how pretty that dress was when she spun around and the layers would puff up and fall like sheets being fluffed.

I loved the movie so much in fact, that for my birthday that year, my parents actually took me to the place where the movie was filmed (and I can't remember where that was) but I got to walk across the white bridge where Baby practiced her fancy footwork, and I saw the lake where they practiced their lifts. I got to see Johnny's cabin, too. It was probably my favorite birthday celebration of my youth :-) Good going, Mom and Dad!

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  1. I remember being confused about some of those same things.. I had to sneak around and watch it at a friend's house after it came out on video... no way was my mom letting me watch it, haha! That is SO awesome that you got to see those settings! What a cool birthday present! Oh and Lucy looks adorable in her onesie!