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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Baby Deals!

It's been a very fun weekend! Had a great time Friday night celebrating Dawn's 30th Bday at her party, and Saturday night we did it again celebrating April's 30th Bday with a fun college/sports themed party! (You had to drink what you drank in college...that brought back fun memories!)

Here's a picture...not quite from all the way back in college, but close...it was soon after graduation. I feel like we look twelve :-)

Quick update on Jason: he's doing much, much, MUCH better today! The steroids he's been plopping into his eye are really doing the trick (and boy is he watching the clock, counting down the minutes awaiting the first moment he can drop in a new dose :-) In his words, "there's no pain anymore, it's just blurry." Sucks that he can't see well in one eye, but I guess it's better than the pain he had been feeling. I suggested staying home from work tomorrow, but he's eager to get back to the office...

Quick blog today...I've got a mere twenty pages left in the book I've been trying to finish FOREVER...It's called The Ten-Year Nap, and I haven't really liked it all that much, but I've got to finish it because it's always a let down to start a book and not finish...even when I don't like the book. Anyways, I plan to finish that bad boy tonight so I can pick up a new book from the library for our trip to Lake George, NY this Thursday. (Not that I'll be reading on the plane or anything, what with Jack likely to be nursing the entire trip. See that's my plan for keeping him entertained: Jack-here's a boob, Lucy-here's a DVD player and movie, be good! :-) I'll let you know how it goes :-)

Well, it's that time of year again for the Fall kids/baby consignment sales, and it's what all the moms are chatting about at the juice-box cooler (bad joke, I know...what's the equivalent of the "watercooler" for SAHM's?)

Anyways, in the spirit of saving a few bucks, here are two cool websites my friend Tiffany showed me:



As if you don't have enough websites to shop, blogs to keep up with, and whatever else you do on the computer, here are two more websites to bookmark :-) It's a cool premise: these sites feature one awesome deal a day, and apparently they sell out fast. Happy Shopping!

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