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Saturday, September 5, 2009

it's GREAT to be an auburn tiger!

It has happened...the happy sounds of TLC, HGTV, and Food Network (in our house, it's actually me that controls the remote :-) coming from our tv have been replaced by masculine commentaries of men in nice suits (hey Kirk, you cutie-pie!) and the constant din of cheering fans in the background...It's Auburn Gameday!!!!!

Unfortunately, I can't post a picture of Lucy in her little cheerleading outfit, as we have reluctantly shipped her off to Atlanta for the weekend to play with Papa and Lady. My parents have been begging to have her all to themselves for some time now, and the potty training just put me over the edge...the chance to get a break from that struggle for a long weekend, I'm sold! It's a win - win really. Jack is LOVIN' the attention and the break from all-to-present Lucy, and we're walking around saying, "The house is just so quiet, the house is just so quiet!" And Lucy is actually making great gains with my mom leading the potty training process...she's peed in the potty several times in Atlanta, and no accidents so far! HUGE PROGRESS!

Check out an Auburn video, introducing the new coach, Chizik. I'm stealing this off Turnbull's fbook page. I don't care much for the spastic-ness of the filming, but it is certainly appropriate for today!


War Damn Eagle!!!!!

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  1. Yeah, Gene Chizik! Yeah, Gameday! Whohoo! Y'all keep the party quiet over there on Pale Dawn - wouldn't want to have to call the police cause of all the noise :-)