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Sunday, September 6, 2009

Fine Dining at Home

I wanted to make the first football game of the year even better for Jason, so I decided to cook a new meal we've never had: Sun-dried tomato pesto crusted chicken served over creamy polenta. Run to your kitchen and try out this awesome recipe! It's the best thing we've eaten in a long time!


Jason has been growing herbs in our garden and he just harvested a bunch of basil, so I wanted to put it to good use. My friend, Jamie, suggested making a pesto using pecans instead of pine nuts, and it was a very good suggestion. Here is the link for the pesto recipe:


For the chicken recipe, I made the basil pesto first and just added sun-dried tomatoes to a portion of the pesto I set aside for this recipe. Give the food processor another quick pulse once you add the sun-dried tomatoes so it's all the same texture.

I can't wait to have company over and make this again! Very simple, very tasty, very worth it! Let me know if you try it out and how you like it!!!!!

Happy Cooking!

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